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UA SUMMER CAMP Day 1 (Crossover Begins)

This will be a short series fanfiction wherein Boku No Hero Academia will be the main series and Naruto a crossover to the story.

AU. See how UA students spend their 31-day Summer Camp together with special appearances of Shikamaru Nara and Tayuya.

UA Summer Camp Day 1: Crossover Begins!

"Where am I?! Where is that shadow ninja jerk?!" the pink-haired ninja inquired her savior slash kidnapper.

Toga stared at the ninja with a grin. "You're safe now. But I didn't save you without a price." she explained.

"What are you talking about?! I could handle that battle myself!"

The blonde girl clicked her tongue and shook her head. "Your payment is simple. I just want you to enroll in UA Summer Camp and gather information for me. After that you can go home. Fair enough?"


"I'll take that as a yes!"

Present Day, Summer Camp The girls from Deku's class were at the beach, happily splashing water at each other and making sand castles.

Tayuya was disgusted as she watched them be girly right in front of her. She was forced to wear a pink bathing suit when Toga dropped her off the entrance. And now she's hiding behind a tree and keeping her distance from them.

It was her mission to "gather information" not to "mingle with them".

Internally she thought that they're just simple girls with simple minds. Spying on them like this wouldn't be interesting at all.

Until she realized that a white ball lands by her feet and that a couple of those girls are now walking towards her.

"Hello there!" Uraraka was the first to greet.

"Oh you're the new student I saw the other day." Momo said when she finds Tayuya's face familiar.

When she said so, Uraraka and Ashido turned back to the new student.

"Wow what's your name?" Ashido asked. Tayuya tried not to judge Ashido by her physical appearance.

"We heard from Aizawa-sensei that there would be a new student. We didn't know it was you." Momo says.

These girls were nice. But Tayuya was troubled what to say. She. Doesn't. Want. To. Mingle. With. Them.