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He's into Bl⛔ndes 😉 | SNK Fanfiction (Episode 2)

The majority of the votes goes to Reiner!

Previously: Eren got home late last night. He was grounded on weekends and he was in his room when someone paid him a visited.

He's into Bl⛔ndes 😉 Episode 2

"They say life gives you hope when you least expect it."

"An unexpected visit Reiner!" I screamed as I ran downstairs to greet my unexpected savior.

Mom was by the door, she seems to be in a good mood. I can feel that vibrant aura from her, the one she usually has when she's cooking something special for dad.

My scream was attention-getting, so when I arrived, my mother turned sideways to look at me and her body that was blocking the visitor finally revealed to me who it was.

"K- K- Krysta?!" I say in surprise.

"Hello Eren!" she greeted me with a smile, and she was waving at me. Goodness! She's waving at me!

The more she was smiling, the more her 'glowing' seems to intensify before me.

My mouth left agape as I stare at her. Is this-- Krysta-- she visited me?!

"Eren, your classmate told me all about your test results." My mother suddenly spoke, shattering my hallucinations in a flash. My heart began to change its pace.

I forgot that I've been hiding my test results from my parents, Mikasa included.

"Professor Smith approached me and asked if I was willing to tutor you until you catch up with the current lesson." Krysta supplied and my heartbeat was now beating faster than earlier.

Maybe it's a sign that fear wasn't triumphant against love.

Krysta volunteered to help me with my studies! Being less gifted in academics is also of big help!

If the cost of having Krysta visit me everyday like this is to be grounded, then by all means... Ground me for life!

I heard my mother clear her throat to snap me back to reality, so I blinked and stared at her. "I hope you don't waste this girl's time, Eren." she warned me.

Since Krysta couldn't see my mother's face, it's easier for mom to threaten me with her death glare.

I gulped and nodded at her warning, otherwise this dream is over.

Later, in my room... We were sitting down on my carpet floor and a small table was in the middle. Krysta was preparing the books and activities she brought with her while I couldn't help but cherish the moment Krysta Lenz, the famed student in the whole school, went to my house just to teach me.

Good thing I cleaned my room too. Otherwise it would've been embarrassing.

"So Krysta uh... I.. It's a surprise you knew my name." I try to lit up a conversation. Not exactly the best way to start it, but I can always try again if this goes south.

"Of course, you're my classmate since third grade." she replied with a giggle.

That giggle... So cute!

"R- right."

"I'm actually really alone back then because I transferred in the middle of the year but thanks to everyone, I was welcomed rather quickly." she decided to share a part of her story that I never heard of.

She was "alone"?! Now that's a story I didn't expect to hear.

"Why did you transfer?" I didn't notice that the words came out on its own. I panicked at the casual question. "If it's okay to ask." and supplemented a next sentence.

"Everyone asked that before." she said. I was about to frown but then, "You're actually the few who wasn't always following behind me, which is a relief. I needed a classmate who doesn't look at me like some kind of poster girl."

At that moment I felt an ➡ struck me straight to my heart. I'm honestly one of them but my lack of courage kept me from doing so.

"I transferred because in my previous school, my father had an issue with the school. It's complicated." she answered vaguely. Which is fine by me. I only needed the part where she thinks I'm a norma classmate she's not afraid to talk to.

"I- I see."

"Well, shall we start then?"

"Yes ma'am!"

We spent hours studying together and I thought I was in eternal paradise. I didn't want it to end.

I'm glad I failed majority of my subjects. Which means we've got a whole lot of subjects to cover before we catch up with the current lessons.

Monday, School Rooftop I was sitting down the long metallic chair with Armin while Reiner and Bertholdt were on the opposite chair.

"EH?! Krysta's really teaching you?!" Armin was surprised to hear the news. I expected that.

Because it's really an unbelievable news.

"How did you do that?" Reiner asked in awe.

"I failed majority of my tests!" I replied proudly.

"On purpose?" Bertholdt asked.

I kept quiet for a second there. No I didn't fail it on purpose was what I wanted to say but I hesitated. They already saw through my reaction those exact same words in my mind before I could say it and they laugh.

"But I've been tutoring you too!" Armin reminds me.

"Yeah but you're not a girl." Reiner retorted and laughed again. He had a point. "What if we all fail the exams?"

"No way, Krysta will have a hard time!"

"You just want her for yourself!"

"She's not an item to just share to others. I don't own her." I try to counter.

"Yeah. She's also not someone you can get to yourself."

"Well it'll be too obvious if suddenly we all fail at once. There should be no hint that Eren told everyone about it or Krysta will have a bad impression on him." Armin spoke and I knew he had a good point there.

"So what do you suggest we do?"

"We leave the whole quarter for Krysta to teach Eren first. After that, one or two can fail on purpose after showing obvious struggles in class so it won't be suspicious."

That's a good idea!

Reiner finds it still unfair to leave a quarter to me but it's the only way to lessen the suspicion.

"The question here is, what does Eren plan to be? A dumb student (keep failing even if Krysta is tutoring you), quick learner (improve on your performance quickly and easily), forgetful student (forgetting details/formula but improved so far) or a jerk (I-already-know-that attitude, bored and just asking to change topic)."

==TO BE CONTINUED== Thank you for reading!

Help Eren by choosing what he should do for the next few months.

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