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What if Marco were alive REACTION | Attack on Annie Chan EP1

*Disclaimer: All of the photos belong to their proper owners. All characters belong to Isayama Hajime.

This is a parody blog centering the characters of Attack on Titan. Again, this is a parody (fanfiction style).

========== Start ==========

Attack on Annie-chan

Episode 1: What if Marco were alive?

========== ===== ==========

What is AAC?

Hi my name is Annie chan (this is still Jessi). Attack on Annie-chan is just a title, it consists of thoughts, blogs, parody, jokes and many more.

Annie-chan: On our first episode, let's see how the cast will react if it was announced in Twettir that Marco Bodt was alive. Of course I will be in charge of the interviews. Let's go!


Annie-chan: Hi I'm Annie-chan and I'm your host for this little series. To start off, let's see how characters of SNK will react if Marco didn't die in the show and survived until now. Let's start with Eren!

Eren: Marco, it's good to have you back. Let's serve humanity together!

Mikasa: *mutters* Since Eren greeted him... *turns to Marco* Don't die or Eren will be sad.

Armin: *sighs in relief* Marco you're alive! What a relief!