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What is this Website about?

Founded by a single author, this is an outlet for the said writer to express herself. 'Enter the mind of an author' is exactly what it means. Showing what is inside the mind of an author.

How long does it take to issue the comics?

Jessi also has a job outside of this world. So it may take months. She is hoping to make this her full-time and focus on drawing.

Can I contribute blogs in this Website?

Yes. You can be a long-term contributor, guest contributor or a Whisperer contributor.

Guest contributors all receive the "Guest Contributor" profile in the blog they upload. Proper credits will be written inside the blog itself.

Long-term contributor has a chance to choose their own alias and have their own profile whenever they submit content to be posted within the Website.

Whisperer contributor. These contributions are credited but anonymous. Which means that the blog will mention it is from an anonymous source/tip and will receive the Whisperer profile in the blog.

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